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Growth Wheel

Growth Wheel Framework Partnership

The Centre for Entrepreneurship favours a Holistic developmental approach to SMME development. This approach supports the development of the both the “Jockey” and the “horse” to ensure that SMME’s are able to design a scalable, replicable and sustainable business model. In our quest to be the most innovate youth entrepreneurship accelerator in Western Cape we have integrated 360% Growth Wheel Framework in our methodology.

All businesses, from pre-venture start-ups to established enterprises, must address four key challenges. They need:  an attractive business concept, lasting customer relations, profitable operations, and a strong organization. The CfE therefore purposefully integrates the core elements of GrowthWheel into its learning, coaching, support and workshops. The Growth Wheel is a hands-on, action-oriented program designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages realize their company’s growth potential.

GrowthWheel-logo-squareWhat is the Growth Wheel?

GrowthWheel is a tool for decision-making in start-up and growth companies.  It helps entrepreneurs and advisers get focus, set agenda, and take next steps. Growth Wheel, a visual toolkit, assists both new and existing entrepreneurs by building their businesses through a simple action-oriented process, determining which areas require their immediate focus. GrowthWheel is outcome oriented: Make Decisions, Take Action.

What is GrowthWheel?

  • An alternative to the conventional business plan.
  • A better way to support the decision making and action-planning that take place in all companies every day.
  • A visual toolkit for dialogue, decision-making and action planning.
  • It helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple action oriented process.
  • Stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.
  • Helps companies determine which areas to focus on to strengthen and grow.
  • A way to establish a sense of community of people and resources around the business.

growth-wheel-startup-business-customer-organisation-operationsOur Customer Segments?

We specialize in shifting young minds (graduates and unemployed youth) to embrace venture creation as well as empower existing SMME to accelerate their growth. We have resources to help, whether it be for a new business venture or for a growing company that is struggling in a certain area.

  • Graduate Entrepreneurs are individuals who see a need and are ready to take the initiative to turn their idea into a reality.
  • Start-Up Community Entrepreneurs are new businesses that are in the first three years of their lifecycle.
  • Established Entrepreneurs have been operational for more than three years and are ready to take their business to the next level.

We strongly believe that the action-oriented and hands-on approach underlying the Growth Wheel Framework will create the perfect launch pad to ignite opportunity. Utilizing the GrowthWheel tools empower entrepreneurs to move forward by purposeful decisions, actions, directions and milestones.  We can therefore help a business see clearly where we need assistance with growth and what to focus on.”

Your business needs plus our expertise equals positive results.