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Success Stories

profile-success-story-themba_thumbJenna Hendricks

Jenna has had a passion for plumbing and business from a very young age when she used to help her dad with his plumbing business. During school holidays she would help with jobs and prioritise his invoices. She then went to study Civil engineering, Plumbing & Construction at False bay College, Westlake campus. She completed an NCV course and went to do a Business Management diploma at the Fish Hoek campus. After her studies Jenna further participated in a Solar Heating & Installation Learnership also at False Bay College at Westlake campus.  Her aim was to equip herself to be skilled enough to achieve her long life dream of owning a plumbing company. The industry is very flooded and it’s difficult to get clients. Government work and tenders have been Jenna’s focus and since she registered her business in 2016 it has taken her till 2017 to get all documents in order, and all the necessary paperwork to register on databases. Capital has also been a challenge, as it is with most start-ups but Jenna has not given up on her dream. Capital affected the whole marketing of the business and she was unknown and didn’t have means to advertise her business amongst the long list in the industry. When Jenna was busy with the Solar Learnership she just walked around the campus to greet her lectures etc. and she then saw the CFE building which was a new addition to the campus and the college as well. It was a great relief for Jenna that there was available help for entrepreneurs and that’s where the journey began. Jenna was in the first cohort of 2016, she registered her business and the aim was to get it operational. She entered a Poster & Pitch competition qualifying as a graduate of the college and won a silver prize of R10 000. With that she was able to purchase a laptop, step ladder and marketing material such at business cards, posters etc. In 2017 Jenna is still a beneficiary of the CFE/RI receiving GrowthWheel learning and one on one coaching. She also has been linked to Enterprise Development of R70 000 from De Beers and a possibility of Supplier Development in the future. In 2017 she has been able to work from the new hub at the CFE and the engineering workshops provided. She was also linked to a Rotary International mentor who is advising and guiding her one on one. She is managing to receive small tenders and big jobs and the aim is to build from that. In the space of a year, from 2016 till 2017 Jenna is quite happy with her progress, she has quadrupled her turnover and has faith in her business.


profile-success-story-themba_thumbBrian Carolissen

Brian Carolissen, moved from Montagu to Cape Town to study Engineering and Related Design: Welding at False Bay College, Westlake Campus in 2010. His passion for engineering and related fields with encouragement from his family, lectures and friends enabled him to be chosen as candidate for further studies. He went to Sweden on the Swedish Student Exchange Programme in 2011. Brian later got chosen to study Welding Technology at College of Du Page near Chicago, USA during 2013 – 2014. After gaining 2 years intensive experience in industry, installing craft breweries for beer lovers across South Africa Brian got retrenched due to lack of business.This experience and passion for welding ultimately led him to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. He is the sole founder of a manufacturing company called Weld Lab (Pty) Ltd. He designs and manufacture a combination of products made from wood and steel. Brian is an academic, but entrepreneurship and running a business was something new and challenging to him. Registering a business was the first step he could take but growing the business was something else. His business needs included negotiation skills and pricing. Because he’s in the engineering field, he needed Welding equipment/machines to produce products for his clients and a workshop to operate from. Like all businesses, a start-up capital is something he needed for operations and other equipment of the business.  Brian saw an advert in the community newspaper, a call out for young entrepreneurs in the engineering field and he contacted the CFE/RI. He went through the selection process and was successfully accepted into the programme. He started in January 2017 and immediately registered his business. Growing it wasn’t easy and is still a process. As part of the programme of the CFE/RI, Brian was linked to a mentor from Rotary International, who will guide him one on one and advice throughout the journey. It is when the business started picking up in terms of getting traction. He is receiving GrowthWheel learning, coaching, business plan skills, links to market, links to finance and pitching skills in the programme. A result of links to Finance is an Enterprise Development funding of R50 000 cash injection from De Beers marine. The business is growing and doing well. Brian did a job for his mentor, did jobs in his area and  word of mouth worked for him as he is good at what he does and some kind of perfectionist. He is now a supplier in the database of the college; he did a lot of work to help build the engineering workshop’s Welding bay and his work is of a high standard. Through the centre, Brian is linked to opportunities and his ambition can only take him further. From being retrenched, in a space of a year, Brian has a good and reasonable monthly turnover of +-R11 000 in his business.


profile-success-story-thina_thumbAndre Williams

Andre Williams is the owner of AW ENGINEERING, a new company established in March 2017. Andre is a qualified artisan (toolmaker) and offers full on engineering services in tool making and also services like conventional milling and turning, sharpening, gear cutting, cutting blades to mention a few to his clients. He resigned from his job as a toolmaker to start his own business and uses his engineering past to his advantage by offering a client a personal business experience. He basically approaches a client with a few simple engineering services on offer and once given a chance, he starts to unpack how he can offer a lot more for fairly reasonable prices. Andre was new in the business world, had just left his job. Andre had to go through all the business learning he needed, started off by registering his business and grow it through mentoring as well. He is also benefiting from the engineering factory by making use of the equipment for his work that he does. In attending an entrepreneurial event; Pitch and Polish by a business incubator Raizcorp which was hosted at our Khayelitsha campus and facilitated by the centre manager Steve Reid. Andre responded to call out for an Information Session, he applied through completing a Get2test, going through an interview and was successfully selected as a beneficiary. He was in the first 2017 cohort of the Rapid Incubator programme and has access to the mini factories, receives learning support using GrowthWheel, mentoring and coaching and finance linkages – De Beers Marine selected beneficiary. His first progress was registering his business AW ENGINEERING with SwiftReg through the CFE in March 2017 and with the learning support he received, he made traction within a month in his business. His monthly turnover from the very first month was R8 000+ and he has been consistent in the second month. He has been linked to a Rotary International mentor who is a specialist in the engineering field and will guide him through his future plan of wanting to open his own workshop when he graduates from the Rapid Incubator programme.


profile-success-story-anele_thumbTerine Lott-Cupido

Terine Lott-Cupido is the founder and owner of Empowerlink Services, a 100% black female owned HR Consultancy Company. She was a human resource manager for 9 years and has overall 15 years’ experience in HR after deciding to follow her passion of working with people and doing it on her own. She empowers small business owners with HR expertise, by providing a tailored HR solution to meet their people needs. She discovered that small businesses need HR services the most when they grow, and they don’t always have the money for a whole set up of an HR department and they don’t always need it full time. Terine needed business support and mentoring, as she had just started off. She also didn’t have infrastructure support to conduct her meetings professionally and the centre opened up a networking door for her. Most new business struggle with a market, Terine was linked to one at the CFE. After deciding to start her own business, she needed guidance and support and therefore applied successfully to be a beneficiary of the CFE. She had registered her business in August 2016 but hadn’t made traction until she officially started with the CFE in January 2017, she started making traction in February 2017. Terine inquired or applied at the CFE even before the launch on 23 November 2016 and has been assessed using GrowthWheel, one on one coaching with the centre manager until the official start of the 2017 cohort. Terine receives infrastructure support, learning, coaching and mentoring. Terine has been linked by the CFE to a market; an engineering company Elcarbo to which she can supply them with HR services. She has also been linked to a Rotary International mentor and the relationship is well and on going. Her business has grown tremendous and still  promising.


Sello Mprofile-success-story-sello_thumbocwaledi

Her company name is Angel Stimulate Entertainment, she focusses on learning and stimulation of children. In completion of the Venture Creation & Start-up Workshops with the Centre for Entrepreneurship she was awarded R3 198.20 by the Rotary Club – Newlands and has managed to acquire a Camera and Toys for her company. She was selected in the Top 100 of the #YouthStartCT competition by City of Cape Town.



Gcobani Xego

He is a co-founder and co-owner of Sakha Isizwe Renovations and Maintenance which offers a wide range of services like Brick Laying, Painting, Tiling, Flooring and Electrical Services. Their focus is in townships and surroundings. In completion of the Venture Creation & Start-up Workshops he obtained R2 969.48 from Rotary Club – Newlands which was spent towards tools for the business. He made the Top 100 of the #YouthStartCT competition by the City of Cape Town.



profile-success-story-themba_thumbThemba Maqhula

Themba owns Mgcadi’s Place in the Westlake community which specialises in Shisa Nyama (braai meat) and sides like pap, salads and chakalaka. He completed the Venture Creation & Start-up Workshops, has started operating and going on to the Venture Acceleration & Growth Workshops. He was awarded a R2 999 by the Rotary Club – Newlands and that went towards a freezer for his business.



profile-success-story-thina_thumbThina Mashiyi: False Bay College Furniture Making L2 student

Thina specialises in Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. His focus is in Bookshelves for school children, attractive and colour coded to make them interested in their books. He was awarded R2 950 by the Rotary Club – Newlands in completion of the Venture Creation & Start-up Workshops, the money went towards his business tools. Thina is going through to the Venture Acceleration & Growth Workshops to grow his business.



profile-success-story-anele_thumbAnele Maqhula

Anele started Nele’s Net Café (NNC) at Westlake community, his business provides internet services and computer access to school children, unemployed commuters, workers, local businesses etc. His underlying magic is Business Registrations. Anele obtained R 3 499.90 form the Rotary Club – Newlands to purchase a printer and scanner for his business.