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Grow by entering competitions

Cape Town offers many exciting and varied events and competitions for young people.   The big question is, “Why should young aspiring entrepreneurs actively look at entering competitions?” Here are 7 reasons and brief stories, to illustrate the value of competitions. Participating in competitions offer many advantages over winning a prize. Perhaps the most profound is […]

Launch Competition

Launch Competition

WIN Here's a great opportunity to WIN some PRIZES to celebrate the launch of the False Bay College Centre for Entrepreneurship Website. Question: What are two upcoming events found on the CfE website? Entry form below. Answer: _________________ Email us at info@falsebayincubate.co.za Winners will be announced on 16 September. ENTRY CATEGORIES The categories of the entrants [...]

How to conquer fear

The person asked to give a short talk at a wedding reception The business man having to pitch their business to a funder The budding entrepreneur who wants to launch an idea The young person who is struggling to find and choose a career All of them, just like us, come face to face with…….fear. [...]

10 signs you’re doing well in life

Congratulations to the Lions on a major victory yesterday. Now for the final. I have been struggling with a bit of “man flu” and bronchitis. (Everyone knows that man flu is so much more potent than the flu ladies get!). In addition, I have been out of town and travelling quite a bit, whilst a […]

The importance of Character

One of the many headlines calling for a presidential change in the weekend newspaper came from the New York Times Editorial, “It’s time for Zuma to step down”. This editorial joined many other voices in this call. Whether you are a detractor or supporter of the beleaguered president, the overarching appears to be that of [...]

Reading the signs

On Saturday afternoon my wife and I travelled on the N2 to go and collect our son from the airport. There are a number of digital signs giving information on traffic flow and even promoting safety. The one I saw flashed something like, "You be the change. Let everyone buckle up" That got me to [...]

Getting out of a rut

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. Ellen Glasgow. 1. What is a rut? Here is the definition :- a habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change. 2. Last week I wrote about the contrast between a stagnant pool and a [...]

Focus on what you have…when starting a business

My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful long weekend spent with our immediate family. Remember to invest in experiences like these; they could be one of the best investments you make! I write a monthly article on entrepreneurship for the Independent newspaper, and thought I would share with you what will be [...]

Work….how do you see it?

I trust you are valuing this public holiday in honour of workers day? Here’s a shout out to all those who have added value to others through their work and contribution. Well done! That got me to thinking how the whole subject of work and how our perspective on work can affect how we “do [...]