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A petite entrepreneur with a “giant” heart

On Thursday we hosted our first Community Business Expo at the Khayelitsha Campus. It was thrilling and I believe, a huge success with much engagement and excitement from the entrepreneurs and stakeholders alike. I must honour Abe Oliver, our program manager, who led the team and the process in this key event. What a delightful […]

Motivation when you are “running on empty”

One of the most difficult things to consistently do is to keep your motivational levels high, particularly when the challenge seems to be unending. Over the next 2 weeks, I thought it may be helpful to share 20 quotes on staying motivated in the long run. Here are the first 10. 1. Inaction breeds doubt […]


I wrote the article underneath for this month’s newspaper article. In the light of the recent topic of fear, I thought you may enjoy this summary. From VUCA to VUKA A relatively modern term that describes the complexities facing an aspiring entrepreneur in the South African context is that of VUCA VUCA is an acronym […]

Final nugget on handling fear

Here is the third nugget on handling fear.  There is amazing research on how your brain processes thoughts, inclusive of fear. This short input from Jackie and Kevin Freiberg refers to how a short micro second offers you an opportunity to make great and even life changing choices.   Your Brain on Fear How the […]

Second bite…at overcoming fear

Last week we opened the topic of managing fear before it manages you.  I would like to carry on that theme. Here are ten things one can do when confronted by fear. (Thanks to Kevin and Jackie Freiberg)   Overcoming your fears Do something. Anything. Fear feeds on inaction. Make a decision. Let go of […]

How to step through fear-Exercise

I love this quote by our former President, Nelson Mandela. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”   This reminded me of the very real fears that entrepreneurs have to […]

Spring cleaning…..for entrepreneurs

Today is a pivotal day in officially moving from Winter to Spring.  (Although the afternoon is still quite chilly!).   My wife is the keenest of gardeners, so today is significant for her as she starts to prepare our small garden for new growth.   How about your business?   I thought you may enjoy these 8 spring […]

Lessons from Kristen’s Ice Cream

In honour of Woman’s month in August, I am sharing this interview with an early start up entrepreneur. I asked Kristen Buttress, owner of “Kristen’s kick-ass ice cream” the following questions…..   Who are you? Kristen runs an ice cream shop in the quaint Noordhoek village.  It has the quirky name “Kristen’s kick-ass ice cream”. […]

A story of imperfect courage

I am still in the theme of honouring women in August month.    Here is a story of a lady (Jessica Honegger) who chose to move out of her comfort zone and begin something hugely impactful.   Her story is summarized hereunder (With thanks to 4 minute book summaries).                                     I trust that the 3 lessons highlighted may […]