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A way to innovate at work or as an entrepreneur

This coming week is the launch of the #YouthStartCT competition.  We are delighted to once again be the implementing partners for this key event. The competition will see 100 entrants drawn from around Cape Town going through business activation training and pitching the business idea they entered. I am unsure what entries will be on […]

Ten things that require zero talent

I had the privilege of speaking at Communiversity’s 2018 graduation on Friday.    What do you say to 70 or so young people? What encouragement and challenge could one deposit as they start their journey? I thought I would share on ten things that require no talent, yet can make a big difference towards success.   It […]

Seeing opportunity

I recently joined the brigade of those that use driving glasses. My glasses are also tinted to avoid glare. When I first tried them, I found it a bit awkward as I have only ever used glasses for reading work. Yet, with the gentle persuasion of my wife and common sense, I have “adjusted” to […]

Learning from a Dragon (Peter Jones)

Today I want to introduce you to a dragon! Peter Jones is a successful entrepreneur and business man on the popular British Show “Dragons Den”. In this reality show, budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaires who are willing to invest their own cash to kick-start the businesses in […]

The importance of Character in Business

I normally send off this weekly blog on a Sunday. I have deviated a bit as we are presently on a few days leave. Sunday saw the culmination of a controversial third test at Newlands. Congratulations to the Proteas for a fantastic victory. We know, however, that it was a different topic that drew the […]

Learning….means being willing to fail

One of the very real challenges that budding entrepreneurs face is moving their business idea out of concept into action. It is a challenge because it is new territory; perhaps associated with fears and the possibility of failing. It is helpful, therefore, to identify opportunities to “test” the entrepreneurs products or services. This past Friday […]

Lifelong learning and Character

One of the business classics that I have read and enjoyed is Stephen Covey’s The 7 habits of highly effective people. What is interesting to note about the background reading and research Covey did before he wrote this classic is that the vast majority of books written prior to it focussed on character.(150 years of […]

Lifelong learning…..Challenging the limits

Last week I began a topic I would like to continue………being a life-long learner. It appears as if those that choose the path of lifelong learning have many advantages to those that don’t. This choice appears to affect all areas of life. One’s career; relationships; personal life and sense of overall engagement all get sharpened […]