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Lessons from Wimbledon

The Wimbledon tennis men’s final is about to start. For the first time in nearly 100 year, a South African is through to the final. (Kevin Curran played under a USA citizenship) Kevin Anderson is a giant of a man (6 feet 8 inches) and his achievements at Wimbledon are gargantuan in effort as well. […]

Obstacles to being more action oriented

Last week I spoke about 4 tips on taking action. In order to build great habits and routines, one needs to recognize that challenges and obstacles to being action oriented can hold you back. Here are 6 things that make people less action-oriented (With thanks to Sumaiya Kabir) Lack of motivation. Once you lose your motivation […]

Taking action

This afternoon I would like to look at an attribute that aspiring entrepreneurs and engaged people tend to have present in their approach to life and business. It is the orientation towards taking action. Why is it important? Well as Mary Kay Ash says “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are […]

A taste of a start-up worth its salt

From time to time you may hear that someone or something is “worth its salt.” This common idiom means that someone or something deserves respect and is worth its cost or has value. The phrase originated with the ancient Romans, who valued salt highly. Over time, salt has often been associated with good things, because […]

Let’s have more events like these…..#YouthStartCT

Wednesday evening saw the awards ceremony of the YouthStartCT competition. What a delightful end to a month of hard, yet rewarding work. As implementing partners, it was out task and privilege unleash potential of a 100 youth entrepreneurs in Western Cape in a fun and exciting way. We did this through the provision of 360 […]

Youth day and entrepreneurship

How appropriate to celebrate Youth Day with the final pitch of the top 13 in the City of Cape Town’s #YouthStartCT competition. There will be only one   winner announced on Wednesday the 20th June, but by my book, all of these young people have “won” by taking their business idea to another level. They brought […]

Confidence versus Arrogance

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, had an enviable boxing record. He won 56 of his 61 professional fights, 37 of them by knock out. His most famous one liner was “I am the greatest” One day, Ali was seated in an airplane when the flight attendant came up the aisle […]

The value of practise and rehearsal

In yesterday’s pitching event with the City of Cape Town’s YouthStartCT competition, just under 50 young people pitched their business idea for 3 minutes. This was their second pitch after some 12 hours of training.  Adjudicators from 4 organisations evaluated and scored their pitch. I was struck again with the value that practising, rehearsing and […]

Commitment comes before Success

This past week saw the launch of the City Of Cape Town’s #YouthStartCT competition (Tuesday night) The next 4 weeks will see 100 young people being given business training, whilst the very best ideas will be polished and contestants trimmed down to the top 10 in 4 Pitching events over 4 Saturdays These young people […]

A way to innovate at work or as an entrepreneur

This coming week is the launch of the #YouthStartCT competition.  We are delighted to once again be the implementing partners for this key event. The competition will see 100 entrants drawn from around Cape Town going through business activation training and pitching the business idea they entered. I am unsure what entries will be on […]