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7 Ladies share their thoughts on the entrepreneurial journey.

In honour of Women’s month and in keeping with the purpose of my blog, I am delighted to share the thoughts of 7 ladies at the CFE.
I asked for nuggets and encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs. I trust you will find value in these, just as I did.

Tania Cozett
Surround yourself with successful positive people because you will start to think like them which eventually results in you becoming like them…
Building resilience is vital especially when you are a woman, you have to keep going no matter how hard it seems, it does get better. Always make time to help others thrive and encourage them to do the same, in this way you creating a ‘positive cycle’ that always comes back to you.

Terine Lott Cupido
Follow your Passion, as an entrepreneur. “For me, being an entrepreneur took courage, hard work, perseverance, an internal drive and faith not give up when times were tough. In return, I am blessed with opportunity to follow my passion, that is, to empower business owners with HR expertise and also to positively change lives through job creation within my business”.

Shamiela Soeker
” Anything you can IMAGINE , you can CREATE” Denzel Washington
“Create the highest , grandest vision possible for your life , because you become what you believe ! ” Oprah Winfrey

Terencia Bent
Keep learning! As a kid, I was an avid nerd/bookworm but sadly grew out of it. One of the best lessons of taken from any motivational video I’ve ever watched is that the most successful people in the world (CEO’s) read at least 60 books a year. With that being said, I spend at least 10 minutes reading in the morning and have traded my cellphone for a book before bed. I cannot stress enough the rewards you reap from constantly exercising your brain! Knowledge truly is POWER!

Keziah Hardenberg
Being a female entrepreneur is tough and can get frustrating but I believe females are the strongest human beings.
Believe in yourself even though the world might not, persevere and be resilient in your pursuit. It’s not how we fail that matters but what we learn from the experience that counts!

Verna Christian
As women, we often feel that it is our duty to be everything to everyone, especially if we have a family. This often leads to burn out due to not putting our health and wellbeing first. My advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs would be to plan your week ahead and to factor in time for relaxation or to enjoy a hobby every day or once a week, whether it be to meditate, go for a run, potting around in the garden or just to have a massage. Remember that if you feel good you will have the energy and the positive mindset to deal with the challenges that you face in your business.

Ncebakazi Mathanzima (Our Technical Manager)
Advice to anyone starting out, always be willing to learn, be teachable and apply your learning directly and immediately. Whatever you learn find a way to translate it in your own terms, in your own business, so that it makes sense to your journey, your expertise, your experience and what you want your audience /client to experience. Always test your thoughts, your ideas, and be ready to learn whether the outcome is not in your favour! Many say there is no straight path to Entrepreneurship, and I agree, but if you learn and apply you will grow and you’ll make your own path to your success.

Ladies…………The world is richer because of who you are and what you do……thank you.


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