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A business tool worth its weight in gold

Last week I spoke about learning to unstring your bow. This week I want to share a coaching tool that can help you, and others learn from experience and behave in new ways – a tool worth its weight in GOLD!

G       What was your goal?

O       What was the outcome?

L        What did you learn?

D       Next time, what will you  

           do differently?

One of your team has done something, either as a result of your earlier support or independently. Chances are it won’t have been 100 per cent successful and, as a coaching manager, you’re keen to ensure that the person learns from their experience. Here’s where a quick conversation can really help improve performance for the next time, by reflecting on what’s happened this time. The questions and prompts you give might seem simple – and they are – but the beauty of this technique is that you’re helping your team to think it all through for themselves. This way they will get the best outcome – and so will you.

You can use this tool in leading others and in leading yourself.    In all cases, you are looking at maximizing on the learning and the action coming from that lesson.

You want to encourage new thinking and innovation; making room for the fact that mistakes are part of the journey. This doesn’t mean being reckless, but rather willing to look for new opportunities out of “ordinary” engagements.

An example may be where you thought a particular marketing approach for your product or service would be highly successful (Your goal)

It actually backfired, and you had no traction or enquiries. (The actual outcome)

Now comes the important part. What did you learn? Did you use the wrong channel? (e.g. flyers). How did it miss your target market? What channels or marketing collateral do they read?

Finally, what will you do differently? Perhaps you may get the assistance of a marketing business. Or the input of a coach? Or you may have identified which channel to use.

By translating the mistake into a lesson for the future, you build responsiveness to the market and don’t shut down on trying new things.

Hopefully this tool is ….worth its weight in gold to you!


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