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A petite entrepreneur with a “giant” heart

On Thursday we hosted our first Community Business Expo at the Khayelitsha Campus.

It was thrilling and I believe, a huge success with much engagement and excitement from the entrepreneurs and stakeholders alike.

I must honour Abe Oliver, our program manager, who led the team and the process in this key event. What a delightful and impactful event!

One of the compelling factors that made it so memorable was the guest speaker, Jade Wyngaardt, of Click Digital.   Her story was both inspirational and moving.

I will be releasing an article on this lovely young entrepreneur, but here are some extracts from an interview I conducted with her.

  • Tell us a bit about Click Africa and some key highlights

My business is Click Africa Digital and I’ve been at since Jan 2016.

Here are some milestones over the past 3 years:-

Landing my first client in Feb 2016; Landing my first agency client March 2016; Tripled my revenue between Feb and Jun 2016

– Got Diagnosed with cancer company stagnated a bit I had a few small clients

– Beat cancer came back in May 2017

Landing my first international client July 2017; Enrolled into Black Umbrellas August 2017; Came Third in Nampak Bevcan Can Do national entrepreneur competition October 2017; Left my permanent job to work in business full-time Nov 2017

Joined the SAB tholoana program May 2018; First grant injection from NYDA Dec 2018 ( two computers bought); YTD Revenue 2017 – 2018 increased by more than 300%

Employed first person fully Feb 2019; Started the Afriversity Concept May 2019; Won YouthstartCT June 2019; Moved into new offices July 2019; Increased Month-on-Month Revenue by 50%

  • What are 3-5 key lessons that you could share with the readers?

Be persistent – this is key for every entrepreneur, what is persistence? Google says ” continuing firmly or obstinately in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” Stay the course in spite of difficulty or opposition.  It’s a simple notion but is a difficult practice.

Introspection – take time to evaluate yourself, check-in with yourself to see if you’re on the right path – ask yourself the difficult questions and maintain a healthy balance

Consistency – doing things daily, at the same value and energy as the first time for every client, relationship, employee, plan, etc. Be consistent, consistency builds your character in the eyes of those that are around you.

  • You were the recent winner of the City of Cape Town’s #YouthStartCT competition. What was that like and what, in your opinion, is the value of participating in these kind of events?

It was amazing, the validation that you receive for your idea/business far outweighs the prizes. As an entrepreneur its fuel to keep the fire of dream burning so you can reach the summit of what you would like your business to achieve. I am so grateful to the stakeholders that take the time to put together these kinds of events, it is super encouraging, it gives us a platform, a boost and a voice and sharpens us.

  • When I think about your journey, particularly as you have navigated serious health challenges while building your business, I think of the word “Resilience”

      Can you tell us a bit about that challenge and how you coped?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 27years,  just  6 months after starting a business was very difficult, I had two small children ages 2 and 1, I was working and running the business at the time. I coped by means of faith, family and friends to be honest, I don’t think would’ve survived the load alone. I had the support of my husband for the business aspect, my family rallied to help with homely/motherly tasks and my friends kept my spirits high.

Through it all, I believe the desire to want to get through it, to want to beat it against all odds – to do the impossible was the main driver for me. Overcoming adversity is like that.  Just a burning desire to not accept the status quo and to reach for an outcome you desire for yourself instead.

Jade lives out the values of resilience, persistence and true grit. May her story inspire you on your journey.




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