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All the World’s a stage……(How play acting can increase your confidence)

The journey to start and grow a sustainable business involves both creating a viable business model and simultaneously raising the entrepreneurial mind-set. This is often referred to as the “horse” and the “jockey” respectively

In seeking innovative ways to help our young budding entrepreneurs grow as jockeys, we think events, competitions and other activities can be of great value.

We recently came into contact with a start-up that adds value in a unique way.    One of the products of Circle productions is that of “Be an actor for a day

Part of this value may be seen in this nugget from their profile………

In addition to exposing a theatre and its workings to students and trainees who may never have experienced “backstage” it also demonstrates the hard work and non-glamour aspect of a theatre production.  i.e. your audience/client buys the finished product but there is a lot that goes on to perfect the product.

One of the personal competencies that is key to entrepreneurs is that of courage and grit we saw the “be an actor for a day” as an event that would provide an opportunity to grow in confidence

We had a small cohort of 9 people go through the auditioning, exercises, rehearsals and production. Part of the value was seen in a pop up audience that participated in the day

The rehearsals were marked by laughter and engagement, and this translated into monologues and dialogues that earned the applause and appreciation of the crowd.

Three lessons I learnt from the day that I would like to share may possibly be of value to you in your business venture.

  1. Do something outside your comfort zone. Without exception, the 9 folk who participated in the day are amateur actors at best, having little acting experience overall. In order to participate, it meant overcoming some concerns and fears. Yet in doing so, they grew considerably in various ways
  1. Consider taking in new challenges with others. The camaraderie experienced was also meaningful and valuable. Entrepreneurs walk a lonely path, and events like these highlight how important a strong supportive environment can be.
  1. Have Fun! The group of young people had much fun as they learnt to pronounce, project and in some cases ….pretend. The entrepreneurial journey is highly demanding and challenging; so interspersing this with genuine fun is significant. Don’t forget to have fun on your journey!

Well done to the young “actors for a day” and Circle productions, who made this possible

PS: You may contact me if you want to know more about Circle Productions and their offerings.

Be an actor

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