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Confidence versus Arrogance

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, had an enviable boxing record. He won 56 of his 61 professional fights, 37 of them by knock out.

His most famous one liner was “I am the greatest”

One day, Ali was seated in an airplane when the flight attendant came up the aisle to make sure that all the passengers had their seatbelts fastened. Reaching Ali’s seat, she asked him to buckle up.

“Humph!” the champ sneered, “Superman don’t need no seatbelt!”

The flight attendant smiled sweetly and replied, “Superman don’t need no airplane, either”

Ali fastened his seatbelt.

Entrepreneurs need to be confident, but should guard against arrogance.   It’s important to understand the differences between arrogance/cockiness and confidence, because no one likes to deal with arrogant people. Both arrogant and confident people entail a strong belief in their own abilities. Those with confidence can easily overcome fears and uncertainty. Moreover, they have a positive and optimistic vision that makes them strong and admirable. Sometimes over-confidence turns into arrogance and it is a big weakness. Arrogant people usually view themselves as superior and never admit their mistakes.

Cocky people do have confidence, but it comes from a different place than true self-assurance. Arrogance is one result of building self-esteem from outward sources such as financial privilege or constant praise. However, yank the external support system away, and the person’s sense of self-worth goes with it.

Here are seven pointers to help you distinguish between arrogance and confidence:-

  1. Arrogant people like to constantly show off their achievements and feel the need to validate themselves, while a confident person will not feel the need to brag about their successes or be the life of the party.
  2. Arrogant people are the least approachable people on the face of the planet; whereas, a confident person will automatically want to help you out or talk to you.
  3. An arrogant person would rather bluff than admit his weakness. A confident person, on the other hand, will not shy away from asking for directions when he or she is lost.
  4. An arrogant person is usually out of control and cannot stop, even if they want to. Confidence is usually more internal and quieter in nature.
  5. Arrogant people find it almost impossible to recover from failure, while confident people pick themselves up immediately.
  6. Arrogant people will do anything to stay at the top; ruthlessness often goes hand-in-hand with arrogance. Confident people would rather take the honest path to success.
  7. Arrogant people feel the need to compete with everyone all the time, even with their family and loved ones, whereas confident people are much more secure about themselves on a personal and professional level. (Differencebetween.net )

Here’s to confident, resilient entrepreneurs who build businesses that last!

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