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Entrepreneurs take the high view

My son is a travel and architectural photographer.

One of the ways that those in this field harness innovation, is to make use of drones to extend the possibilities of their videos/photographs.


I was delighted to go to a common with him as he prepared for the practical part of his license. (Yes, this industry requires extensive licensing/certification.  The South African African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) views any drone flying in the sky as an aircraft and must abide by the same law as manned aircraft. As a commercial pilot, a commercial drone pilot must also go through their own certification and exams.)


Drones can be used innovatively in all sorts of applications. From delivering of medicine, fighting forest fires, spreading broadband and tennis coaching, these delightful machines can become game changers in the hands of entrepreneurs. (See article on 10 new ways to use drones www.smithsonianmag.com)


But back to my story!   It was thrilling to see how technology has been so packaged in the drone as my son practiced different moves and applications. It would hover, soar and rotate seemingly with its own mind. It is possible for the larger drones to fly up to 5 km’s, complete its mission and remotely fly back and land from the very square metre it was dispatched from!


Then I was offered a short opportunity to fly. I wondered whether my son’s confidence in me would be misplaced.  These larger drones can cost over R30 000, so I hoped I wouldn’t mess up.

My concerns were misplaced, as the technology within the drone, added to the presence of my son meant that I had a thrilling yet uneventful short flight. I can highly recommend it.


Here are a few lessons from this lovely experience that may be applied to the journey of entrepreneurship.


  1. Innovation is a key way for aspiring entrepreneurs to differentiate their product and stand out from the crowd.   How can you harness new technologies and innovation to make your offering a “Purple cow”?


  1. The drone allows people to get a completely new perspective of the physical landscape around them. How can you get a “helicopter view” of the opportunities and threats pertaining to the Industry you seek to enter?


  1. Professional drone pilots comply with the legal environment within which they operate. They do this in creative and cutting- edge ways.  Do you understand how the legal environment may be seen as your friend and help you to leverage your business?


  1. Take advantage of trying out new, unfamiliar experiences. I have never flown a drone, but have learnt quite a bit about this field from that brief flight. What is stopping you from entering events, competitions and networking to “expand your horizons?”


  1. Finally, the presence of an experienced pilot (Jon) was a reassurance for me and his instruction helped me to look half way decent. Seek out and find a mentor within your business field. That can make a huge difference to you. Even now, I know that the mentoring relationship that individuals have to our beneficiaries is invaluable. (Thanks to Rotary International and Cover magazine)


I hope you experience the high view of the entrepreneurial journey



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