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Final question: Why now?

The awards ceremony for the City’s #YouthStartCT competition was held on Thursday evening. The Executive Mayor, Patricia DeLille, and two City Councillors graciously supported the 10 finalist and added pizzazz in the announcement of the top ten and awarding the prizes. We are so pleased that the overall winner is Yandisa Langa, is a beneficiary of the CFE/RI program that joined us in October last year! Congratulations to the top ten and to Yandisa!

Tonight I want to look at the final question in the 7 question journey before you start a business.    That question is why now?

The whole question of timing is not just important for comedians; but equally important for when you launch.

So what are some things to consider?

Has any else tried to launch a similar product or service? What can you learn from their journey? Have the constraints they faced changed?

For example, has there been a change in legislation? Or perhaps access to WIFI makes the timing more viable?

Have environmental factors made your launch easier or harder?

(Think of how the water crisis in the Western Cape has created a new emphasis on products and services where quality water is provided)

What would happen if you delayed by 3, 6 or 12 months? Would it hinder or help the launch?

Remember potential investors will have this question in mind (why now) so be sure to clarify the answer for yourself first!

Building strong businesses, led by resilient entrepreneurs.

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