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Finish 2018 ….strong

Most of this year has flown by with only 3 weeks left before most businesses and institutions close down for a well -deserved break.  I know that the break may still seem too far off and the many things we need to do, right in our faces. Yet I still want to finish this year strong.

With the holiday season coming into view, it’s tempting to take your foot off the accelerator and cruise towards the year’s end. Don’t. These last few weeks are when you should be making the most of those lessons learned and preparing for the year ahead.    So what does the term, finishing strong mean to you?

How will you finish…..this year; your top 3 projects; the next big deals or in the most compelling goals of your life?

Finish strong in all of the things you started.

Most people are really good at starting. They get caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm because of the newness and possibilities. But with anything that’s significant, there will be hard work involved. One of the ways you can gauge how well you are finishing is to simply take a look at what you actually finished. It can be extremely frustrating for a leadership team or organization to function under the guidance of someone who continually starts things, but never sees them through to completion.

You will be more effective if you finish strong in three important areas: (The three P’s!)

  • Finish strong in your projects – this focuses on what you do. If you start something, you need to finish it. If it is a project that will carry on past your year, ensure that leadership is in place to carry it on. A project that dies when you leave is a poor reflection on your leadership.
  • Finish strong with people – this focuses on who you know. Relationships you built this year, may have an impact over the rest of your life. If a relationship is going to end, make sure it ends well. Take time to celebrate with the people that helped throughout this current year
  • Finish strong as a person – this focuses on who you are. How many times have you seen someone have to separate or leave his or her position because of some mistake. You don’t want to mess up everything you’ve worked so hard for. Your integrity and character is always with you, whether you’re in a leadership position or not. A year’s worth of effort can be damaged in a moment of poor decision-making.

“No matter what kinds of choices you’ve made over the course of the past year, if you’re still in your position near the end, you have the opportunity to create a great finish!” Tim Milburn

Let’s finish strong in our projects; with people, and in ourselves.

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