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Fitness…..as a person, and as an entrepreneur

My wife and I recently joined gym. We did this with a few outcomes in mind.

Something that we could do together; and then building of core strength, fitness and managing weight. It is early days, but we are enjoying the process immensely.

I like to think of analogies for the entrepreneurial journey, and thought there are a few parallels between becoming fit as a person, and fit as an entrepreneur!

Here are a few parallels:-

  1. The difference between intent and action

I could wax lyrical about my intentions to build a “hard body”, lose weight, reach a lower vitality age than my actual age etc.  I could even write these things down to help evidence my commitment. Until I actually go, and buil up a sweat, my intent means nothing at all. Entrepreneurs sometimes hoodwink themselves by having lots of intentions, yet little action. The GrowthWheel motto says, “Helping you to make decisions, and take action”. What decisions and action are you taking this week?

  1. The value of being consistent

I could start with great enthusiasm and try and do as much as my body could handle. Yet one focussed session won’t contribute to long term goals. If I really want to get there, I have to go at leat 2-3 times a week. The lesson for entrepreneurs. It is about continuing to show up, always being willing to stretch and grow and doing this with consistency. As Churchill is quoted as saying, “Success has been defined as the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

  1. Building a routine that works for you

There is a great variety of ages and needs amongst those who attend the gym. Some, for example, get there before the crack of dawn! Others subscribe to the various classes on offer. We have seen the wisdom of choosing a routine that works for us; is age appropriate and is geared to challenging us where we are.   I believe that there are specific “rules” and principles in entrepreneurship that are applicable to all, but to suggest that one person’s path is the standard, can lead to frustration. Your journey is as unique as you. So find the journey that best works for you

  1. Having expert support at hand

This is a real privilege, as much of the equipment may be used incorrectly so as not to maximise on the commitment given. My wife, for example, joined a stretch class that was led by an instructor. She learnt more in that 20 minutes than an hour by herself. In addition, there is a gym app that helps to give more options and relevant information to users. Support for entrepreneurs does exist. It is up to you to source people and process that can add value. At the Centre, we would like to hear from you if you are starting your entrepreneurial journey. Perhaps we can help you to “stretch” beyond your comfort zone!

  1. Having an overarching goal in mind

When the initial enthusiasm of starting a new project fades, it is essential to have firmly on your radar screen the reason why you signed up in the first place. For us, it makes huge health sense to focus on our fitness as the health benefits are many. Yes, we want to lose weight, feel stronger have greater core strength etc.  But we want to do this for the long run as we seek to be fit way into and beyond retirement. (We are still some ways to go!)

So what is the overarching reason you want to start, launch and build a business? Answering that, and tattooing this on the inside of your mind, can help navigate the inevitable distractions and discouragements that seem to accompany the journey.

Here’s to fully fit ……..entrepreneurs!

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