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Grit shown by Springboks………..needed in entrepreneurship

Now that my heart -beat has returned to normal, though my voice is still strained, let me comment about the semi- final rugby game.

The game was predictably lacking in great backline moves and many tries. It really was a grind between Wales and South Africa.

For me, the Springboks lived out their motto of “stronger together”, playing not as individuals but as a team and believing in each other.

Comments by fans at home also showed how much they had captured our imagination and won our hearts.

Well done, and may you do SA proud in the final!


Here are 3 lessons that can be applied to entrepreneurship from this team….


Play to your defined strengths

Whilst it wasn’t the most attractive win, SA is through to the final. One of the reasons is that they played to their defined strengths….consistently. Forward strength, physicality and outstanding defence is that which won us the Rugby championship.   Entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand their strengths and competencies, leverage them as much as possible, and stay in their lane. Trying to be all things to all groups is a recipe for going backwards.

Work your plan

It is one thing to plan your work, but it is quite another to work your plan. That means measuring what matters; adjusting to the field that presents itself, and focussing on the end outcomes that you measure. The coach, Rassie Erasmus, has achieved quite a bit in taking a team from indifferent play 18 months ago, and forging them into a strong brotherhood.. Part of the way that he has done this is through meticulous planning.

At the CFE, we believe in consistent and dynamic planning, and applying focus in “working the plan”. Entrepreneurs would do well to be looking at their dashboard whilst they purposely…work the plan.

Grit and perseverance.

Part of the reason this was a tough match, and stressful to watch, is that the Boks only went into the lead with the final score in the 75th minute. To put that into context, it meant going 94% of the whole game, uncertain of the win.    “But you don’t end up a successful entrepreneur, unless you find a way to love the risk, the uncertainty, the repeated failures, and working insane hours on something ou have no idea whether it will be successful or not  If there is one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty.”  Stephen Covey.

It is in the context of such uncertainty that entrepreneurs show perseverance and true grit. Remember, Character is only tested in times of adversity.


To this week…….stronger-together.



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