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Having a compelling mission statement

At the entrance to Fish Hoek High school, they display 12 things that are the Fish Hoek way.

I was quite impacted by the wisdom and focus of the values displayed and thought it would be a great reminder of the need to have our own values and mission clearly “displayed”, mainly for us to live by.

As you read through these brief 12 statements, what authentic values can you say refers to you and your business (or style of working)?

  1. We celebrate success.
  2. We greet warmly
  3. We express gratitude
  4. We Pay-it-Forward
  5. We respond to need
  6. We accept that with privilege comes responsibility
  7. We give our best
  8. We are moral and ethical
  9. We make no excuses
  10. We act kindly
  11. We work hard, we play hard
  12. We celebrate diversity

I particularly gravitate to number 9-We make no excuses.        And you?

Seeing 2020 through new eyes……..


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