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How to be a hustle hero

One of the words that is synonymous with entrepreneurship is that of hustling. There is a negative connotation to hustling which is not what I am referring too. (Fraud or swindling)

Rather it is about obtaining by forceful action and persuasion.             The primary agent of this persuasion and action is…..you!

You may have learnt great lessons from 2017; but this is 2018. Are you going to “hustle” and hold yourself accountable to action and persuade yourself to go the whole 9 yards-maximizing on 2017?

Magic happens when we learn the habit of healthy hustling.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Abraham Lincoln

Here are 5 things I have learnt about healthy hustling

  1. Focus on what you can influence.   It is not efficient to spend energy, time and resources on those areas that you actually have no control over. Rather, by knowing what is within your ambit, and focusing on these, you up the likelihood of gaining meaningful momentum.   As example, we are unable to take responsibility for others use of water as precious resource. We are, however, 100% responsible for what happens in our circle, be it at home or work. Focus on that area will bring solutions which can be scaled.
  1. Up your daily effort of hustling.   A little increase of 2 degree’s is the difference between nearly boiling and boiling. Small, incremental changes over time can yield significant results. You are the best person to commentate on the degree of effort you put into the day; and whether you can push a further 2 degrees. That’s where the magic lies!
  1. Keep looking for opportunities…..24/7.   It is my privilege to lead a committed team at the CFE, and we are constantly looking for ways to add value to our beneficiaries. (About 41 at the last count). I refuse to limit my looking to just during the week or in working hours. I have found some opportunities outside of official hours, and have brought these back to add value to the CFE. Not everyone landed, was relevant or translated into real change. Yet some did, and it is for that reason that I keep on looking……24/7
  1. Discern the difference between you and your product/service.    The journey of an entrepreneur requires that they grow in the skill of selling.  (I hear some people groaning, and saying “That’s just not me”!) All entrepreneurs, regardless of their offering, are involved in SALES. It may be selling You; selling the idea; the brand, the product or the service. But you are in sales!

Here’s the interesting thing though. Your business is your baby, and when you are selling your business, you will get quite a few no’s.   These are generally aimed at the product/service and not a reflection of your value. You do yourself an enormous favour in soon learning the difference. To give too much place to no’s as personal rejection can seriously stump your hustling.

  1. Do something every day towards your goal/purpose.  This is similar to point 2 with this exception. Make it a habit that you wont sleep until that one thing is completed. It is usually a step, decision or action that taskes you closer to where you want to be. (It is also measurable.  Examples in my sphere are:-  not going to bed until I have completed 10 000 steps; or read 3-5 pages in one of 3 business books I am reading; or following up on a key relationship/network (Email/telephone or meeting)

It will differ from person to person. But this is about you, upping the hustle.

This is to many more Hustle hero’s!

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