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Let’s have more events like these…..#YouthStartCT

Wednesday evening saw the awards ceremony of the YouthStartCT competition. What a delightful end to a month of hard, yet rewarding work.

As implementing partners, it was out task and privilege unleash potential of a 100 youth entrepreneurs in Western Cape in a fun and exciting way. We did this through the provision of 360 degree GrowthWheel Business training.

Crucially we asked the competitors 4 key questions:-

  • “How will you find and keep customers?”
  • “How will you build ownership, teams and partnerships?”
  • “How will you ensure productivity and money generation?”
  • “How will you satisfy or create demand?”

We also went further in helping them to develop as future Business owners and setting of clear business objectives and actions.  We did this through addressing the entrepreneurial mind set; and the Attributes of an entrepreneur (Being a resilient Jockey)

In focussing on the competition, we also looked at the Development of effective Pitching ability and process (Understanding the mind- set of the investor)

Here are some key factors covered in the process:-  Answering 10 key questions relating to the business; Preparing the person; Presenting the pitch and Using a slide deck

The top 3 were revealed by Alderman JP Smith in a suitably tense finish, and this was a result of consistency, growth and learning over the 4 pitching sessions.

Some of the ideas of the top 10 bear mentioning:-

  • Increasing the declining bee keeping career focus in SA; whilst addressing a threatened bee population
  • Using graduates as tutors of students to increase grasp and understanding
  • Using a polymer compound to address water shortages, particularly in the agricultural field
  • Offering a complete business package of support to start-ups, addressing the often complex field of compliance
  • Using graphic art, in sync with the latest curriculum, within primary schools to give an innovative spin on education

Last year’s winner, Yandisa Langa, ended off the words of encouragement from partners with an authentic and inspirational talk. He spoke to the need of resilience and persistence; having faced the loss of a crop through disease at a critical season. He also reminded those present to pay it forward. He was and is the recipient of others generosity, and so in giving back to the community of Masiphumelele and a ladies group, he is living out being involved and giving back.

A final thought. If the young people in the top ten are reflective of the young people in our community, I believe we can look to the future with a sense of privilege and expectation. Well done, young people!

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