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I am married to an avid gardener who loves most things botanical. Although I am Forestry qualified, my interest in gardening is limited to assisting with some maintenance and providing a little muscle where necessary!

What astounds me though, is the way she she’s things that I simply overlook.

As example, she went into raptures about a jasmine plant, as it is the early signs of spring. (I just saw a plant!)

Again, she commented on magnolias and azaleas that we saw today. Again, it was significant in that the magnolias and azalias blooming are signs of an early spring. (I saw pretty flowers!)

The point is that you tend to see what you are looking for and consequently specifically look out for said items.

A well- known entrepreneurial axiom is that budding entrepreneurs should know a little about a lot. Why?

Because in knowing a little about a wide variety of subjects, the entrepreneur is able to “see” opportunities that may lie outside their area of expertise, but they are confident in their ability to gather the resources to capitalise on the opportunity.

In addition, like my wife within gardening, they are specifically looking for “buds” and signs of growth that most are oblivious to.

It is said that everybody will be exposed to two opportunities in their life to generate much wealth, but very few will take action. Why?

Because in most cases people are not seeing opportunities because that’s not what they are looking for.

Think of my wife seeing “Spring is coming” while I see “A plant”. She goes on to think how she can maximise on the spring, long before it arrives.

How can you see the “spring of new opportunities” before the first full burst in the market? Well, are you looking for it? Are you training yourself to ask questions 24/7?

Are you increasing inquisitiveness; expanding your network; fascinated with new ideas? If so, I suspect you will see more new opportunities than most!

By the way, I am slowly warming to different aspects of gardening; but my gaze is constantly looking for new ways to leverage the CFE.

Here’s to new opportunities that you can leverage for good

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