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Mistakes that Start-ups make

I have been mulling over what to share, and thought I would share the following 12 mistakes that start-ups make.

I would appreciate input; additions and even challenges regarding these oft repeated mistakes. Please take the time to share one thought; story or addition to the topic……”Mistakes that Start-ups make” (use the comments box at the end of the article)

  1. Build a business with no market in place
  2. Failing to identify the “thing that makes their heart sing” and doing it Not understanding they have 3 roles that they have to do well
  3. Over promising and under delivering
  4. Being unrealistic about what they can achieve in a year; but pessimistic about what they can do in five
  5. Not doing enough to move from a “whiner” mentality to a “winner” mentality
  6. Failing to focus on all four quadrants of business
  7. Not understanding the value of building a “remarkable” product or service
  8. Being passive in Sales (that’s just not me)
  9. Under estimating the value of a compelling written vision

My son Jon, who is an international photographer, added these two….

11. Lack of financial planning.
12. Not focussing on strengths in building your business.

Here’s to building strong, sustainable businesses and resilient entrepreneurs.


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