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On being flexible as an entrepreneur

The entrepreneur learns to operate in a constantly changing and often uncertain environment. He or she knows that planning is vital, yet being able to adjust to a changing environment in an agile way is equally important

This Sunday, the 40th Argus tour was planned to run with >30 000 riders. A terrible fire at Hout Bay’s Mandela Park informal settlement affecting 2000 families;  combined with gale force winds and a protest on the route has resulted in the organisers cancelling this prestigious race.

This tough decision was made in spite of the time/financial commitments that the riders had made to be here.

The amount of planning that went into the run up to the race must have been immense; but these factors were beyond the control of the organisers. To continue could have meant serious injury or worse to the riders.

There will be times when you the entrepreneur will be called to be highly flexible.Developing flexibility as an entrepreneur reminds me of a saying I was once read that went something like: “The goal is to be flexible enough to bend with the wind without breaking, and strong enough to move with the tide without being swept away.”

 So how can you improve this skill of being flexible? Are there ways to bend when necessary, and move with the tide when required? Yes.

 Here are 5 keys to being a flexible entrepreneur.

  1. Don’t be afraid to change direction if your vision changes.
  2. Trust your judgment, but be open to others input.
  3. That said, don’t be afraid to ignore advice you feel is wrong
  4. Don’t take everything at face value.
  5. Don’t set a course and blindly follow it!

In closing, a quote by Paul Kagame on flexibility is appropriate.

“Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell- out.”

Building strong businesses and resilient entrepreneurs.

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