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Reflecting on 2017

This busy and eventful year is nearly at an end. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to replenish and get ready for the New Year.

Yet, great value may be derived from a time of reflection on both the successes, failures, challenges and opportunities that 2017 brought with it. Surely, there were some invaluable lessons you learnt? Some gaps in capacity identified? Some achievements made that bear reflection? Consider this quote by Soen Kierkegaard. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

To better navigate 2018, we need to understand 2017 better.

Eileen Chadnick is a contributor to the Globe and Mail, and regularly challenges readers with 12 questions that may guide reflection.

Here they are, divided into 2017 and 2018.

I hope they challenge you to dig deep and “mine” those nuggets of 2017, for 2018.


  1. What went well?
  2. What surprised you?
  3. What did this year teach you?
  4. What are you noticing or even having hunches about?
  5. What needs to be left behind?
  6. Wrap up your year with a name that fits: Give 2017 the distinctive, memorable quality it deserves by considering the stand-out experiences and lessons and complete this phrase: “2017 was the year of……………………….


  1. Where do you need to go next?
  2. How will you evolve in the year ahead?
  3. What are your top goals?
  4. Who will you connect with?
  5. How will you navigate ambiguity and uncertainty?
  6. What’s your mission statement for 2018: What stands out for you that marks your intentions for the year ahead? Create a mission statement to hold on to this by completing this phrase: 2018 will be the year of ……………………………………………..

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