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Second bite…at overcoming fear

Last week we opened the topic of managing fear before it manages you.  I would like to carry on that theme.

Here are ten things one can do when confronted by fear. (Thanks to Kevin and Jackie Freiberg)


Overcoming your fears

  1. Do something. Anything. Fear feeds on inaction.
  2. Make a decision. Let go of the belief that you can’t make a choice until you are certain of the outcome. Fear feeds on indecision.
  3. Imagine the very worst thing that could happen and decide what you would do if it did happen. Fear feeds on the unknown.
  4. Imagine the very best thing that could happen, and how you would feel if it did happen. Fear feeds on feelings of unworthiness
  5. Say “anything is possible”, instead of “this is not possible”. Fear feeds on feelings of impossibility.
  6. Say “I can” and “why not” instead of  “ I cannot”. Fear feeds on negativity
  7. Look for truth instead of hiding from facts. Fear feeds on lies.
  8. Take in air instead of holding your breath. Fear feeds on suffocation.
  9. Embrace mistakes instead of pretending that you won’t make any. Fear feeds on protectionism
  10. Take one step today instead of waiting to run a marathon tomorrow. Fear feeds on waiting for the right time.

I trust these simple nuggets will help face …..and overcome fear.


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