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Six steps to getting started right now

Last week I shared the first nugget on starting a micro-business from the great book, The $100 start up by Chris Guillebeau.

In summary, we saw that in starting a micro business you will need three things:-

  1. Product or service: what you will sell
  2. People willing to pay for it: your customers
  3. A way to get paid: how you’ll exchange a product or service for money.

This week we will look at 6 steps to getting started right now. With the 3 keys mentioned above, here are the 6 steps you need to take.

  1. Decide on your product or service
  2. Set up a website, even a very basic one. (Consider getting a free one from WordPress.org)
  3. Develop an offer (distinct from a product or service)
  4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (Like PayPal or Mobicred)
  5. Announce your offer to the world ( a nugget for the future)
  6. Learn from steps 1 to 5, then repeat.

Just a reminder that we are talking about starting a micro business; that this is a small nugget from the book, and that this is about momentum!

If this is whetting your appetite, and you would like to explore some support, please contact Yondi at yondi.titi@falsebay.org.za

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