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Starting a micro business

One of my favourite quotes is, “You will be the same in 5 years’ time, except for 2 things. The people you meet and the books you read”. Some of the biggest shifts in my life (and hopefully real changes) have come because of the input of one of these two things.

I am reading a super business book which I referred to last week. That book is The $100 start up by Chris Guillebeau.

The author writes this on Micro business. Micro businesses are typically run by one person and have been around since the beginning of commerce. Merchants roamed the streets of ancient Athens and Rome, hawking their wares.

What’s new, however, is how quickly someone can start a business and reach a group of customers. The building process is much faster and cheaper today than it has ever been. Going from idea to start up can now take less than a month and cost less than $100.

Why I am attracted to this model of starting is that it is relatively simple and within most of our grasp.

During the next 4-6 weeks, I will share some of the principles/nugget found in the book.   I would so value your feedback and thoughts on the ease of application.

First nugget

In starting a micro business you will need three things:-

  1. Product or service: what you will sell
  2. People willing to pay for it: your customers
  3. A way to get paid: how you’ll exchange a product or service for money.

It is in the convergence of the 2 circles (your passion and what others care about that the magic can happen!

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