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Taking on the giants

I have written about my love of books and the incredible influence they can have on your life, work and entrepreneurial journey.

Each of us can probably relate their favourite book or resource and how it impacted them.

One of the most recent books I devoured, is that by Marnus Broodryk.”90 rules for Entrepreneurs”

Marnus is a great advocate for small businesses and he was the youngest Shark on M-Net’s Shark tank, South Africa.

In carrying on the theme of small businesses taking on the “giants” of big business, he gives three great nuggets for you reflection. (From his blog)

  1. Take advantage of technology
    There are great software products that can elevate your customers’ experience without costing a lot. I booked my appointment with Optique via their website (Optique is an Optometrist.)    Software like that is available at $10 per month, but it’s worth its weight in gold because of the excellent experience that it gives your customers. That’s just one of many examples.

    2. Big companies can’t give personal service
    Follow up with clients personally once you have provided them with a service. Give your client a call on his or her birthday, not just an SMS. Just care!

    3. Exercise agility
    Corporates stick to policy and very seldom make an exception. With a giant, when check-in is at 14h00, check-in is at 14h00. The smaller guy can (and should) quickly send a cleaner to prepare the room if a client arrives early.

    Corporates have large systems that make them sluggish. Their bureaucratic procedures make them slow to react, and everything takes longer to implement. SMEs can use their resourcefulness, agility and distinct personal service to their advantage.

    Perhaps you have a great nugget to share on “taking on the giants”     Feel free to share for others to benefit too!

Small businesses, getting bigger and stronger

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