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Taking the opportunities that cross our path

This will be the last blog for this year. I trust you will have a meaningful break and time to rest and restore in preparation for 2019.

The year has been a challenging one for small and big business alike, and seeing and taking opportunities in 2019 has never been more important.

I have observed that not everyone accesses and maximizes on opportunities equally. Some seem to have the necessary focus and responsiveness that will result in squeezing all the juice out of the opportunity. Others, exposed to the same opportunity, appear to falter and end, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

So in closing out this year, I want to leave these 5 tips for maximising on opportunities. (With thanks to Dr Barbara Seifert for these coaching tips)

These tips can be applied to a broader field than that of entrepreneurship.

1) Review

Take time to look back on any opportunities that you did not go after and what led you to making that decision: was it a fear (failure, not being good enough, etc.), was it a money or other resource issue, did you not feel supported by others, or was it from lack of knowledge. By exploring these ‘missed’ opportunities you can begin to see patterns in your behavior that you can work on

2) Challenge

Once you know why you did not follow through, you can now begin to challenge your thoughts; we cannot know any outcome until it occurs, meaning that you can amend your behaviors and can steer them into a positive outcome

3) Awareness

Commit to paying attention to what occurs in your daily life for situations that you can take advantage of; being more aware will help you to slow down and decide if it is the right time or right decision for you to make; identify what resources or support that might help you to take action

4) Be Bold

Identify those items you truly want; make them tangible so you can either see them or feel them; for example, if you want a new car, buy a toy model of one,  take a picture of it that you keep on your desk, or take one for a test drive.

5) Be Fearless

Take action on what you desire without giving your fear about it a thought.  Not giving into our fears will keep you moving forward and, as the saying goes, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Remember, not trying is the only true failure. – Unknown

Here’s to a prosperous 2019


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