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Ten entrepreneurial characteristics we have found in our beneficiaries.

This past Friday afternoon saw a graduation event involving 16 of our beneficiaries.  It was significant to have key partners in the conference centre to witness this “next step” of our beneficiaries.

The keynote speaker, Jonathan Jacobs, gave a most practical, humorous and applicable talk to these young men and women. The principal and deputy principal both gave meaningful acknowledgement of the budding entrepreneurs journey.

Members of our mentoring focus from Rotary International as well as businesses involved in our Enterprise and supplier Development funding (ESD) were also present

They all echoed the value of building both the business model and the entrepreneurial mind-set.

I have selected ten entrepreneurial characteristics found in our beneficiaries. I consider them key to entrepreneurial growth.

Here are 2 questions for you to consider:-

To what degree are they present in your life and how can you address the gaps?

Ten entrepreneurial characteristics we have found in our beneficiaries.

Dedicated    Entrepreneurs dedicate themselves to their plans, visions, and dreams, and that tenacity of purpose affects their whole business. One of the biggest reasons that companies fail is because they lose focus. Regardless of the effort required, an entrepreneur brings a single-minded dedication to the task by being committed to a positive outcome and ready and willing to do what is necessary.

Grateful    Entrepreneurs don’t take things for granted. This gives them the agility and flexibility to adapt to changes and demands, while it also reminds them that wealth is not just about possessions, but about fulfilment.

Leadership    Entrepreneurs not only lead themselves, but they are also skilled at leading others. They know the importance of teamwork, and they understand the need to appreciate others, support them, and reward them accordingly.

Passionate about learning   Entrepreneurs are often autodidactic learners, which means that much of what they know they learned outside of a formal classroom setting. Autodidactic learners seek out information, ask questions and do personal reading and research to gain knowledge. They also are quick to learn from their own mistakes, which mean they are less prone to repeating them

Resilience Entrepreneurs learn to live in an environment of uncertainty; quickly recovering when “knocked down” and responsive to opportunities. This responsiveness is not only when they are on top of their game, but even after failures and disappointments

Responsibility   Rather than viewing a problem as someone else’s responsibility, an entrepreneur owns it and works to find a solution that will leave things in better shape than they were. However, an effective entrepreneur also knows the difference between healthy responsibility and an inability to delegate

They’re hands-on     Entrepreneurs are inherently proactive, and know that if something really needs to get done, they should do it themselves. They’re ‘doers’, not thinkers, and tend to have very exacting standards. They view their business as an extension of themselves and like to be integral in its day-to-day operations—even when they don’t have to be

They’re inherently creative.  This is one trait that, due to their very nature, entrepreneurial business people have by the bucket load. They’re able to not only come up with ingenious ideas, but also turn those ideas into profits

They’re passionate and always full of positivity   Passion is perhaps the most important trait of the successful entrepreneur. They genuinely love their job and are willing to put in those extra hours to make their business grow; they get a genuine sense of pleasure from their work that goes way beyond just cash.

Unafraid of risk or success   Entrepreneurs are not immune to fear. But they prioritize their approach to life so that the fears of failure, frustration, boredom, drudgery, and dissatisfaction, or even success, don’t become debilitating or dictative.

Growing resilient entrepreneurs, who lead sustainable businesses.

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