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What do you think of Entrepreneurship?

I had opportunity to engage with two different groups this past week regarding entrepreneurship.

In both cases, I noticed that the groups and individuals all had a view of entrepreneurship that affected their own appetite to enter or start.

For many, they saw it as a choice beyond their reach. Perhaps this was influenced by their lack of exposure to real entrepreneurs or models that they could learn from.

Others may have been influenced to see entrepreneurship through a slightly negative connotation.

It is said that when Ernie Els won the 1994 US open, at the age of 24, he reflected the influence of others (In this case his grandmother), when he was interviewed.  He said of his family, “They are obviously all very proud of me, but my Gran keeps asking when I’m going to get a proper job!”

Some part of society still believes that entrepreneurship is not…..a proper job.

On the other hand, I like this motto expressed about entrepreneurs and their place in society. “Let’s make entrepreneurs the coolest guys in the room”

How “cool” do you think entrepreneurs are? Is it a life career that is desired by young people today, and how can we increase the perceived “coolness”?

Entrepreneurship really matters, and we should adapt a high view of it at all times.

A summary of 5 reasons of the importance of entrepreneurship follows (Courtesy of HostGator)

  • Entrepreneurship lets business owners build they life they want or need
  • Entrepreneurship offers new solutions to customer problems
  • Entrepreneurship helps communities thrive
  • Entrepreneurship can drive society-wide improvements
  • Entrepreneurship can create new jobs and strengthen the economy

The last point of job creation is so topical and relevant in South Africa that it bears specific scrutiny

Consider that Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates, employs more than 100,000 people. Apple, started by the late Steve Jobs, isn’t far behind, with some 76,000 employees. However, those are just the numbers within the companies.

Each enterprise has also created supplier, retail, shipping, marketing and other jobs related to its company’s products and services. On its website, Apple takes credit for creating 1.9 million jobs overall, including 1.4 million related to iOS and its many applications. Microsoft was responsible for creating 14.7 million jobs as of 2007, according to a company-sponsored economic impact study by IDC.

Let’s see entrepreneurs as….The coolest guys in the room!

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