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10 Quotes on Entrepreneurship

  I found thirty great quotes on entrepreneurship on a great site. They went on to include the reason why people enjoyed the quote. (Quote in black, comment in blue) I have selected ten for your interest and enjoyment. Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” […]

Voting for small business part 2!

Firstly, let me take the time to honour all the mother’s out there. Yes, perhaps Mother’s day is somewhat commercialised, but it doesn’t detract from the essential and key role that mothers play in the building of our nation. A huge thank you and appreciation. Last week I referred to a post that encouraged us […]

Grow by entering competitions

Cape Town offers many exciting and varied events and competitions for young people.   The big question is, “Why should young aspiring entrepreneurs actively look at entering competitions?” Here are 7 reasons and brief stories, to illustrate the value of competitions. Participating in competitions offer many advantages over winning a prize. Perhaps the most profound is […]

Taking the opportunities that cross our path

This will be the last blog for this year. I trust you will have a meaningful break and time to rest and restore in preparation for 2019. The year has been a challenging one for small and big business alike, and seeing and taking opportunities in 2019 has never been more important. I have observed […]

Entrepreneurs aim up

Pitch and Polish is a National competition sponsored by Engen and held in 8 regional cities. The College was one of three local partners and the event in Cape Town was held late in August this year. I was privileged to be a judge to evaluate and comment on the 5 competitor’s pitch and business […]

Finish 2018 ….strong

Most of this year has flown by with only 3 weeks left before most businesses and institutions close down for a well -deserved break.  I know that the break may still seem too far off and the many things we need to do, right in our faces. Yet I still want to finish this year […]

Taking on the giants

I have written about my love of books and the incredible influence they can have on your life, work and entrepreneurial journey. Each of us can probably relate their favourite book or resource and how it impacted them. One of the most recent books I devoured, is that by Marnus Broodryk.”90 rules for Entrepreneurs” Marnus […]

A counter to….VUCA

During the week I attended a workshop on the 4th Industrial revolution.   It was a very interesting and challenging 2 hours at the Chamber. The presenter mentioned a term I had just read and encountered a few weeks earlier. The term?  That of VUCA. VUCA is an acronym that stands for, “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and […]

What do you think of Entrepreneurship?

I had opportunity to engage with two different groups this past week regarding entrepreneurship. In both cases, I noticed that the groups and individuals all had a view of entrepreneurship that affected their own appetite to enter or start. For many, they saw it as a choice beyond their reach. Perhaps this was influenced by […]

What is your attitude to failure?

Today, I would like to talk about our hesitance to make mistakes. This is most sharply felt in the arena of entrepreneurship. In South Africa, business struggles and closures are seen as failures and not (as in other countries) as part of the journey of entrepreneurial learning. What do you think about these three quotes? […]