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Entrepreneurs take the high view

My son is a travel and architectural photographer. One of the ways that those in this field harness innovation, is to make use of drones to extend the possibilities of their videos/photographs.   I was delighted to go to a common with him as he prepared for the practical part of his license. (Yes, this […]

On choosing to…..engage

My wife and I have returned from a super time in the UK, visiting our son and his family.  It was refreshing and impactful, and I am ready to take up the privilege of writing once more. Part of my “why” I do this is because I believe in living as engaged as I can […]

Moving from excuses to effective action

“If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.” Stephen Covey.      A powerful quote that talks to reasoning and excusing our lack of focused action. Excuses can be quite powerful. They can hold us back and leave us in a cycle of procrastination. They are that inner voice within […]

The value of resilience

The 2019 #YouthStartCT competition got off with a bang on Monday evening at the media launch.    One of the entrants of 2018 has returned after being knocked out during the course of the training and competition. What is that quality, that in spite of the setback, caused her to bounce back and re enter with […]

10 Quotes on Entrepreneurship

  I found thirty great quotes on entrepreneurship on a great site. They went on to include the reason why people enjoyed the quote. (Quote in black, comment in blue) I have selected ten for your interest and enjoyment. Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” […]

Voting for small business part 2!

Firstly, let me take the time to honour all the mother’s out there. Yes, perhaps Mother’s day is somewhat commercialised, but it doesn’t detract from the essential and key role that mothers play in the building of our nation. A huge thank you and appreciation. Last week I referred to a post that encouraged us […]

Grow by entering competitions

Cape Town offers many exciting and varied events and competitions for young people.   The big question is, “Why should young aspiring entrepreneurs actively look at entering competitions?” Here are 7 reasons and brief stories, to illustrate the value of competitions. Participating in competitions offer many advantages over winning a prize. Perhaps the most profound is […]

Taking the opportunities that cross our path

This will be the last blog for this year. I trust you will have a meaningful break and time to rest and restore in preparation for 2019. The year has been a challenging one for small and big business alike, and seeing and taking opportunities in 2019 has never been more important. I have observed […]

Entrepreneurs aim up

Pitch and Polish is a National competition sponsored by Engen and held in 8 regional cities. The College was one of three local partners and the event in Cape Town was held late in August this year. I was privileged to be a judge to evaluate and comment on the 5 competitor’s pitch and business […]