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Lessons from delays and detours

I returned from Port Elizabeth where I facilitated the final regional event for Pitch and Polish. (Pitch and Polish is a one day event aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs learn to better pitch their business to investors.) The final will be conducted in JHBG in November, and it will be interesting to see which regional […]

A strong work ethic

I have just returned from an enthralling, yet exhausting workshop held from Thursday afternoon until today. The Workshop was on Job-Creating Skills Development (held on a working olive farm-Goedgedacht)and drew inputs from many sectors. There were about 20 people who participated in the event. Most of the group came from the >50 group, with 3 […]

The value of feedback

It is said that Feedback is the breakfast of champions. If so, you would think that feedback should be regularly given and received. I don’t believe this is always the case. For some reason, we are not that practised at giving and receiving feedback. Yet effective feedback can be so valuable in helping us grow. […]

Poster and Pitch Competition

Our first Poster and Pitch event was held at our central office in Muizenberg on the 9th of September 2016. Initially we had 23 entrants from all our 5 campuses, 15 went through to show-case their posters on the day of the event. There was an amount of R55 000 to give away to the winners […]

Guarding against negativity

I spent 18 months in the SA Navy, of which I spent 12 months on board SAS President Kruger. We sailed around the coast of SA quite regularly and even went to the USA for 2 months. On that trip, we sailed through the infamous Bermuda triangle and went through a storm lasting 14 hours […]

Ways to conquer self-doubt

Last week we looked at ways to conquer fear. Tonight I would like to examine a related subject self-‘ doubt. One of the areas that challenges entrepreneurs consistently, is that of self- doubt. Did you know that by the time you have reached adulthood, you would have heard the word no’ 50 000 times compared to […]

Launch Competition

Launch Competition

WIN Here's a great opportunity to WIN some PRIZES to celebrate the launch of the False Bay College Centre for Entrepreneurship Website. Question: What are two upcoming events found on the CfE website? Entry form below. Answer: _________________ Email us at info@falsebayincubate.co.za Winners will be announced on 16 September. ENTRY CATEGORIES The categories of the entrants [...]

How to conquer fear

The person asked to give a short talk at a wedding reception The business man having to pitch their business to a funder The budding entrepreneur who wants to launch an idea The young person who is struggling to find and choose a career All of them, just like us, come face to face with…….fear. [...]

The importance of Character

One of the many headlines calling for a presidential change in the weekend newspaper came from the New York Times Editorial, “It’s time for Zuma to step down”. This editorial joined many other voices in this call. Whether you are a detractor or supporter of the beleaguered president, the overarching appears to be that of [...]

What makes a good business idea a great idea?

I am fortunate to be a facilitator in Pitch and Polish, a national competition helping entrepreneurs to better pitch their business. I am somewhat perplexed though, as many of the competitors believe their business idea is scalable and will easily warrant investment. It is not too difficult to come up with an idea, but is […]