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Finish 2018 ….strong

Most of this year has flown by with only 3 weeks left before most businesses and institutions close down for a well -deserved break.  I know that the break may still seem too far off and the many things we need to do, right in our faces. Yet I still want to finish this year […]

Taking on the giants

I have written about my love of books and the incredible influence they can have on your life, work and entrepreneurial journey. Each of us can probably relate their favourite book or resource and how it impacted them. One of the most recent books I devoured, is that by Marnus Broodryk.”90 rules for Entrepreneurs” Marnus […]

A counter to….VUCA

During the week I attended a workshop on the 4th Industrial revolution.   It was a very interesting and challenging 2 hours at the Chamber. The presenter mentioned a term I had just read and encountered a few weeks earlier. The term?  That of VUCA. VUCA is an acronym that stands for, “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and […]

What do you think of Entrepreneurship?

I had opportunity to engage with two different groups this past week regarding entrepreneurship. In both cases, I noticed that the groups and individuals all had a view of entrepreneurship that affected their own appetite to enter or start. For many, they saw it as a choice beyond their reach. Perhaps this was influenced by […]

What is your attitude to failure?

Today, I would like to talk about our hesitance to make mistakes. This is most sharply felt in the arena of entrepreneurship. In South Africa, business struggles and closures are seen as failures and not (as in other countries) as part of the journey of entrepreneurial learning. What do you think about these three quotes? […]

Resilient people……..last and last

We recently interviewed and selected our new “spring” cohort. These young men and women were selected from a much wider group of expressions of interests. So what did we look for? What are some indicators of passion, commitment and entrepreneurial mind set?  We look for 5 personal competencies, but I want to focus on resilience […]

Learning to respond rather than react

I trust that this Heritage day has been a meaningful one, where we have been able to celebrate the beauty and hope held out by our lovely nation and all its peoples! Here’s a question.   What is the difference between responding and reacting? I believe that entrepreneurs and employees alike need to know the value […]

The value of attitude

On Friday, I attended a pitching session held at PetroSA, called “Pitch and Perfect”. Twenty or so different entrepreneurs pitched their business/business ideas to 5 judges. Prior to this session, there was also an informative master class on Pitching. One of the key points made by the facilitator is that investors and stakeholders “buy into […]

Kick-starting the economy

As revealed by StatsSA, the economy shrunk by a further 0.7% – this marks two consecutive periods of contraction, which therefore equates to a recession.  Earlier in the week, some economists were cautious about SA’s perilous financial status. A shock 2.2% decline in the first quarter of the year caught many by surprise. Industry professionals […]

A business tool worth its weight in gold

Last week I spoke about learning to unstring your bow. This week I want to share a coaching tool that can help you, and others learn from experience and behave in new ways – a tool worth its weight in GOLD! G       What was your goal? O       What was the outcome? L        What did you […]