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Growing….through kindness

At 62, I am in the golden years of my working life.  I aim to work past retirement in 3 years’ time, but am thinking about what my contribution will be in these latter years. I am convinced that embracing the virtue of kindness will not weaken, but rather strengthen the possibility of making a […]

Having a compelling mission statement

At the entrance to Fish Hoek High school, they display 12 things that are the Fish Hoek way. I was quite impacted by the wisdom and focus of the values displayed and thought it would be a great reminder of the need to have our own values and mission clearly “displayed”, mainly for us to […]

How do you view innovation?

One of the terms that has become a buzzword is that of the “4IR” or the 4th Industrial revolution.      How will new technologies impact our working and personal lives? Will there be job losses?  How may we prepare students for work for which there is now no job description? How can we “peek” into the […]

Finishing 2019 strong

Most of this year has flown by with only 5 weeks left before most businesses and institutions close down for a well -deserved break.  I know that the break may still seem too far off and the many things we need to do, right in our faces. Yet I still want to finish this year […]

Stronger together

A mere 18 months ago, the Springbok rugby team was ranked 8th in the world and had a win record of 50%.  The thought of even reaching the final in the world cup seemed to be ludicrous and impossible. On Saturday the 2nd of November, the Springboks were crowned world champions for a record equalling […]

A petite entrepreneur with a “giant” heart

On Thursday we hosted our first Community Business Expo at the Khayelitsha Campus. It was thrilling and I believe, a huge success with much engagement and excitement from the entrepreneurs and stakeholders alike. I must honour Abe Oliver, our program manager, who led the team and the process in this key event. What a delightful […]

Motivation when you are “running on empty”

One of the most difficult things to consistently do is to keep your motivational levels high, particularly when the challenge seems to be unending. Over the next 2 weeks, I thought it may be helpful to share 20 quotes on staying motivated in the long run. Here are the first 10. 1. Inaction breeds doubt […]


I wrote the article underneath for this month’s newspaper article. In the light of the recent topic of fear, I thought you may enjoy this summary. From VUCA to VUKA A relatively modern term that describes the complexities facing an aspiring entrepreneur in the South African context is that of VUCA VUCA is an acronym […]