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I support small business

  I understand that there are 19 more political parties that will be represented at the ballot box on Wednesday’s voting. That’s a record 48 in all! Imagine my recent surprise then, when I received a SMS regarding voting for small business. Was this one of the new parties? More interesting is that it came […]

The first step to Entrepreneurship-Intrapreneurship

Many of those who have started their journey of entrepreneurship, began this shift in thinking and focus whilst still employed. They were first intrapreneurs before they were entrepreneurs! Which raises 2 questions, firstly what is intrapreneurship; and secondly, why does it matter? What is ‘Intrapreneurship’? “Intrapreneurs are people working within organizations who are constantly looking […]

Become as resourceful as MacGyver!

Many of you will recall the television show MacGyver, about a guy whom I consider to be Mr Resourceful. My son Jon used to love watching this as a child (supported by his dad!)    He routinely disarmed bombs with paperclips and used gum wrappers to fix fuses. How can we bring MacGyver’s ingenuity to our […]