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By completing a Get2test entrepreneurial questionnaire that will be assessed and followed by an interview.

Availability, as well as a viable business idea ‘horse’ and suitable ‘jockey’.

False Bay College graduates are first preference, but it is open to all potential graduates, as well as youth SMMEs.

We require a R200 commitment fee to all SMMEs who have traction in their businesses.

No, we can only link your start-up to possible and suitable funders.

Learning support, coaching & mentoring, market and fund linkages, Infrastructure support in terms of office space, boardroom facility, engineering & wood making manufacturing workshops and personal development emphasis.

The learning program/support is strictly 10 months with coaching & mentoring and other support services offered. The generic businesses continue to benefit up to a year, and the engineering & wood making businesses can benefit up to 18 months.

We are a business incubator, we help you with our expertise to accelerate and grow your business.

Commitment, responsibility, need for achievement and enthusiasm.

In the absence of growth and sustainability many businesses fail. The CFE will help you to create a personalised, sustainable business model.

Any type of business that is income generating.

GrowthWheel® is a toolbox for Decision-making in startup and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs and business advisors Get Focus, Set Agenda, Make Decisions, and Take Action.