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Reading the signs

On Saturday afternoon my wife and I travelled on the N2 to go and collect our son from the airport. There are a number of digital signs giving information on traffic flow and even promoting safety.

The one I saw flashed something like, “You be the change. Let everyone buckle up”
That got me to thinking about how effective these digital signs are and how they can be used to effectively change behaviour.
It is a no brainer, for example, that wearing your seatbelt can save lives.
It is also a legal requirement, and so failure to do so can result in a hefty fine.

So there is common sense and a legal requirement. Does everyone wear seatbelts? Unfortunately, not.
So a campaign of many different digital signs, all aligning with one message is a good thing. Hopefully it has an impact on preventable serious/fatal accidents.

That got me thinking about “signs on the road” of our life. I wonder whether we sometimes overlook signs, simply because we have got used to their presence?

How do you know when you are becoming stagnant in your life and/or career?

Which would you rather drink water from; a stagnant pond or a flowing river? Again, a no brainer-The river of course! So what are signs of a stagnant pond?

• It has nothing flowing in or out.
• It becomes overgrown with algae
• It becomes poison
• It stinks
• It is abandoned and avoided.

In a similar vein then, which body of water does your contribution and life align with? The river or the stagnant pond?
May I draw the analogy further by saying that if you are more like a river, you will…..

• Have something flowing in and out of you. You will be replenishing yourself and making a gift of yourself to the world in some way.
• There will be an authenticity, transparency and integrity about who you are and what you say and do.
• There will be growing value in your contribution at work and in relation to others.
• There will be an attractiveness or “aroma” around your contribution.
• People will tend to find you/your contribution something they value and will seek you out.

Here’s to reading the signs and less stagnation and more fascination!

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  1. Shiraz
    added on 10 Aug, 2016

    Another good read. Recommended!

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