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I understand that there are 19 more political parties that will be represented at the ballot box on Wednesday’s voting. That’s a record 48 in all! Imagine my recent surprise then, when I received a SMS regarding voting for small business. Was this one of the new parties? More interesting is that it came from Marnus Broodryk, a South African Shark Tank investor, entrepreneur and author of the book, “90 rules for entrepreneurs—The codex for hustle”. I have bought the book and been receiving podcasts from this vibrant entrepreneur. Was this really a call to vote for a party?

I am pleased to say no, and that Marnus was merely using this vital process and day to highlight one of the great solutions to unemployment in our wonderful country. The solution?

That a very real way to address the ongoing challenge of unemployment in SA lies primarily with small businesses and the courageous and resilient men and women who will lead these businesses. Let’s be intentional in supporting initiatives that can help with establishing 11 million jobs by 2030.

Perhaps, that is through raising up agile, resilient and value adding businesses that are responsive to the many challenges we face, courageous enough to commit to growth and navigate the “icebergs” to our economy, and even though small, big enough to shift the “dial’” from hopelessness to hope.

Building sustainable businesses, led by resilient entrepreneurs.



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